Don't hit Deirdre!

Can you save the bunny?

Test your reactions & see the effects of sleep deprivation...

We all know that drink driving is incredibly dangerous, but how does driving when you're sleep deprived compare?

See for yourself how sleep deprivation can affect your reaction times on the road... can you save Deirdre the bunny?

You're driving at 30mph...

Press any button or click the screen
To do an emergency stop
as soon as you see deirdre ... can you save her life?

You hit

You saved

You reacted in XXX seconds

(Actually, you reacted in half this time, however we've doubled this to show the effects of sleep deprivation.)
We wanted to show the dangers of drowsy driving, utilising the national average stopping distance and thinking time plus a multiplier.
FYI, Deidre was 125ft away when she first appeared.

When you get less than 6 hours sleep, this is equivalent to a blood alcohol content (BAC) of


This doubles your reaction time.

Drowsy driving is responsible for 1 in 5 of all FATAL road crashes in the UK & Ireland.

Always think twice about getting behind the wheel after a poor night's sleep