Get the Better of Back Pain with the Easca Mattress

Are you sick of waking up with back pain?

The Easca is designed to be medium firm, which is great because medium firm mattresses rank highest in professional sleep studies for relieving back pain. Our Easca Gel Foam™ is designed to support the natural posture of your spine - relieving back, shoulder, and neck problems, Superior to any Orthopedic Mattress out there!

" ...I can now sleep on my back comfortably whereas before the easca it was only possible for me to sleep on my side. "

-- Esther P, Galway.


Easca Mattress vs Orthopedic Mattress

Overly Firm "orthopedic mattresses" often leave empty space between your lower back and the mattress. Empty Space means empty support, worsening back pain. Soft sprung mattresses sink at the hips and back “hammocking” to put huge pressure on your lower back.

With the Easca mattress the more pressure you put on the memory foam the more it reacts to support you, molding to evenly distribute body weight in deep compression areas. The result, a happy back and a much better nights sleep.


" For the first time in years I can lie flat on my back in bed. It gives great body hugging support. I've had no problems sleeping. No bed roll effecting my wife if I'm restless. So far we are very happy with this lovely mattress. "

-- Trevor M.

" So far, even though it's only early days, I've noticed an improvement in my back. My only regret is just not buying one sooner! "

-- Catherine M.

Easca Mattress Size Guide
Size Dimensions Delivery Box Size Delivery Weight
Single 90 cm x 190 cm 40cm x 40cm x 170cm 23 Kg
EU Single 90 cm x 200 cm 40cm x 40cm x 170cm 24 Kg
Double 135 cm x 190 cm 40cm x 40cm x 170cm 29 Kg
EU Double 140 cm x 200 cm 40cm x 40cm x 170cm 33 Kg
King 150 cm x 200 cm 40cm x 40cm x 170cm 43 Kg
EU King 160 cm x 200 cm  40cm x 40cm x 170cm 43 Kg
Super King 180 cm x 200 cm 40cm x 40cm x 200cm 67 Kg
Emperor 200 cm x 200 cm 40cm x 40cm x 200cm 73 Kg