Here's Why A Glass Of Red Wine Can Be Better For You Than The Gym

Here's Why A Glass Of Red Wine Can Be Better For You Than The Gym

March 22, 2017

You’ve heard the rumours: in moderation, a glass of red wine could actually provide you with more benefits than a trip to the gym.

But is it all just one big attention-grabbing headline, or is this the real deal? It seems there’s quite a bit of truth to the claims. And here’s why...

It lowers your cholesterol

Studies show that certain grapes commonly used to make red wine – particularly Shiraz, Malbec and Cabernet – lower your cholesterol levels.

Mind you, the same benefits seem to be also available from deep-coloured grape juices, according to the Mayo Clinic. But they don’t seem entirely sure about that just yet… so let’s play on the safe side, eh?


It keeps your blood vessels healthy

Antioxidants found in red wine, called polyphenols, keep your blood vessels clear of any unwanted clots.

Keep that blood pumping!

It helps keep your blood sugars in check

Certain full-bodied red wines, such as Petit Shiraz and Pinot Noir, contain a very special ingredient: resveratrol.

This chemical, found in the skin of grapes, possesses can lower blood-glucose levels, manage insulin secretion and activate a sugar-controlling protein.

On top of all that, it can boost HDL ‘good’ cholesterols.

So get in there.

It maintains an alert brain

Believe it or not, red wine, in moderation, can reduce the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Once again, it’s our pal resveratrol – which, incidentally, is also found in dark chocolate.

Sounds like all the ingredients of a good night in...


It wards off the common cold

The antioxidants found in red wine produce free radicals which are known to reduce the chances of picking up cold and flu.

Polyphenols and (you guessed it) resveratrol can combine to ward off the symptoms, but it’s important to remember not to drink alcohol once the symptoms have already kicked in… at that point, hydration is king!

It can help manage fat stores

If you’re the type who attends the gym because you want to lose weight, well, red wine can do that for you too!

Our bodies convert resveratrol to piceatannol which hinders fat cell growth.

It will help you get a better night’s rest

While excessive alcohol consumption has a negative effect on sleep quality, researchers have demonstrated a link between resveratrol and better-quality sleep.

The costs may outweigh the benefits in this case, mind you. Perhaps stick to the gym, and follow our tips for a better night’s sleep if you’re in need of help.


It will stop bed bugs biting

As crazy as it sounds, red wine isn’t as tasty to bed bugs as it is to humans. So if you have a bed bug problem, drinking a glass of vino will combat this.

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