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5 Ways Sleep Can Help You Alleviate Back Pain

by Easca Mattress October 28, 2017

Back pain in all its varying forms is a fact of life for many people, most of which don’t give it too much thought. There isn't any reason to suffer needlessly, however – relief from back pain can often arise from knowing what causes it and how best to offset it

Managing any form of pain is dependent on getting the right amount of sleep, which in turn allows the body to recondition itself to its peak potential.

Do the best you can to consistently schedule at least eight hours per night – it's not always possible, but set it as your target and any improvement will make all the difference.


Stretching out your muscles every night prior to sleeping can relieve strain. Focus on simple back stretches, as well as those that best work with your flexibility.

Nightly stretching is an easy way to avoid back pain from slowly creeping up on you, and getting the best out of the hours you do catch.

Modify your sleeping style. This might seem unusual at first (you have probably slept in the same position for many years), but there are sleeping positions that alleviate spine stress.

Side sleeping is one of the best positions, as the natural curve of the spine is maintained without pressure on your back. Sleeping on your back is another good method of minimising back pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, if you can.


Poor posture misaligns our spines and places stress on our muscles. Sitting or standing for lengthy periods of time during the day impacts on how we sleep at night. If sitting, keep your back straight and avoid bending towards your laptop or desktop computer.

Take hourly breaks to walk and stretch – this will relieve added strain, which will in turn facilitate a more comfortable and high-quality sleep at night.


Over time, mattresses can acquire hollows, which will affect the shape of your back, irrespective of what sleeping position you choose. If your mattress is older than 10 years, think seriously about replacing it. A ‘medium firm’ mattress is the preferred choice for the support of the spine’s natural posture.

Not just any mattress, of course, but a high quality product that is manufactured to optimum design specifications.

The Easca Mattress comprises three tiers of high performance foam that is expertly merged to offer the best ‘medium firm’ support a mattress can give and a back requires.

The bottom tier is a 15cm support layer of high-density foam; the middle tier is 5cm of supportive foam (30% more breathable than traditional memory foam, with specialist open-air technology that boosts air flow); the top tier is 5cm of gel-infused cooling memory foam (which is exclusive to Easca).

" So far, even though it's only early days, I've noticed an improvement in my back. My only regret is just not buying one sooner! "

-- Catherine M.

Research and customer feedback has enabled us to create one mattress: the type of mattress that the majority of people find suits them best.

Older mattresses – especially the conventional spring type – no longer offer the correct level of support for the spine. Memory foam, however, relieves pressure points by contouring to your body, and allowing it to preserve its usual spinal position.

It does this by ‘sinking’ in where necessary, while continuing to provide support where it is needed, typically in the lower back and neck areas.


" ...my back is better, we've been sleeping far better. I haven't had any neck issues since - We've recommended several friends pick one up. "

-- Al H.

" I would recommend this mattress to anybody suffering from back pain, the difference it has made to me in unbelievable, I wake in the morning with absolutely no pain what so ever, I feel like I have more energy at work and actually look forward to going to bed each night, I have recommended the Easca mattress to my physio therapist for any of his patients who may ask him to recommend a decent one. "


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